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About us

We are a creative studio with the mission to develop digital campaigns that make your brand as irresistible as savoring a chuínga.

The online lives of the sense of opportunity, of offering the right content, at the right time, of knowing where the consumer is. The greatest desire of a brand is to walk on the mouths of the world, to talk about it for the best reasons, to become news and that it spreads. An idea that sticks is an idea that works, which the user appropriates because with it he identifies himself, sharing it and expanding it via word-to- mouth/mouse.


Marketing Strategies

We put your brand on the right media and design communication plans to make your budget as elastic as possible.

E-mail Marketing

When it comes to a chuínga, there is no way to ignore it. We master the art of communicating with your consumer through e-mail and implement strategies to create, qualify and segment databases.

Graphic design

What's the point of having the best taste if it doesn't stand out on the shelf? We wrap your offer in an appealing design to leave the consumer attached to your brand.

Web Development

We know all the corners of the internet so we can recommend and develop the online communication platforms that best suit your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Chuínga animates, especially when we are among friends. Through social networks we create empathy with your brand and build relationships with your consumer.


We challenge our creativity with the aim of creating moments of communication that become memorable. We chew ideas well and with them we design campaigns that are a burst in the market.


Working like this is what gives us taste!
Meet here some ideas that have glued together.


The importance of email marketing!

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